Sustainability is at the core of our business.

We advocate the whole process of environmental protection from raw materials, production to products, and continue to develop a series of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products such as environmentally friendly cotton, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and natural fibers, so as to contribute to a better tomorrow for the earth.

  • Organic Cotton

    Organic cotton is a pure natural non-polluting cotton, in agricultural production, organic fertilizer, biological control of pests and diseases, natural farming management, does not allow the use of chemicals, in the production of spinning process also requires no pollution; with ecological, green, environmental protection characteristics. Organic cotton woven into the fabric luster, soft feel, excellent bounce, drapability, wear resistance; has a unique antibacterial, anti-odor properties.

  • Recycled Polyester

    Data show that each recycling 1 ton of recycled products, can reduce 6 tons of oil consumption, reduce 3.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 200 trees in a year. The performance of recycled polyester fiber is comparable to that of virgin fiber, and some performance is even higher than that of virgin fiber, such as the resilience, smoothness, fluffiness and other indicators of recycled 3D filling with staple fiber.

  • Microviscose Bamboo

    Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo. It is naturally porous and highly water absorbent, able to take up to three times it’s weight in water. In bamboo fabric, this translates to an excellent wicking ability that absorbs moisture and pulls it away from the skin, keeping you cooler and drier than synthetics or cotton.

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